Dive into our constant search for cutting edge scientific discoveries and game-changing technologies, for more and more transparency and trust in our products, with no compromise on quality, efficacy and safety. Developed by the world’s leading French research team, D’COEUR is the "creator of hair perfume treatment" and "the maker of therapy shampoo", and at the same time obtained the international patent of "restructuring hair spa".
Innovating for People, Shaping Tomorrow Beauty.
We believe there is no innovation without science, and that’s what has made us different since 2017. We spend millions of annual world-leading product research and development teams in France, to develop a series of high-effect high natural feminine care products. We discover, invent and develop, providing a continuously improving response to the Beauty needs and aspirations of consumers, while the products they create are ever more effective, and provide the highest standards of quality and safety.
Ingredients From All Over The World.
We are committed to ensuring the quality, efficacy and safety of our cosmetic products. Because we know that your beauty regimen is important to you, and it is above all a matter of trust, we are committed to finding the best ingredients in all of the country's most natural planting sites. We also insist on the use of air transport to ensure that all ingredients can be shipped to France for technical synthesis in the freshest state.