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  • Sep 13, 2022
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Conventional keratin hair products use animal protein extracted from animal feathers, hair, horns, scales, shells, and hooves, resulting in the death or disability of countless animals. As an international leading functional hair care brand, results are important to D’COEUR, but it always adheres to the mission of caring for nature and sustainable development and insists on 100% vegan formula and animal-free research and development. Even if the cost is more expensive, D’COEUR insists on taking practical actions to respond to the Cruelty-Free International (CFI, Cruelty-Free International) initiative for "cruelty-free".

The Founder of D’COEUR Datin Yen Wei stated during the launch, "We understand that today's generation wants it all - looking great, feeling great and all the while doing their part of the environment and animals. This is what our new Hair Collagen Treatment is all about - borrowing from nature’s apothecary with 3 types of amino acids that completely replaces harmful chemical ingredients and replenishes hair collagen. Real sustainability should continue to break through in a better direction, and D’COEUR is fortunate to break through this difficulty and bring the DCURE Multi Proteins Hair Collagen Treatment that we are proud of to the world.”

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