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  • Jul 02, 2021
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The raging pandemic has put enormous pressure on medical supplies in hospitals. In the name of D'COEUR, the founder and co-founder donated a total of RM 143,000 in medical equipment.


D'COEUR, a company that embraces long-term social responsibility. All of the medical equipment was handed over to the hospital to help the medical front-liners to mitigate the pandemic. The medical equipment was assigned to and used in the intensive care units of the hospitals.


Since donating the ambulance, D'COEUR has once again contributed to medical equipment, demonstrating the attitudes and practical actions of all D'COEUR LADIES toward social responsibility. The company does not send representatives to witness this because Malaysia is under its control. It meets its basic civic responsibilities while donating.


The donations are as follows:

1. Mid Range Monnal T60 Ventilator x 1 unit = RM70k

2. Intra Arterial BP Monitoring x 2 unit = RM20k

3. Infusion pump x 3unit = RM9900

5. Syringe Pump x 3 unit =RM10500

6. Wall Suction x 5 units = RM7000 *add on 2 units = RM2.8k*

7. Pharmaceutical Fridge x 1 units = RM19k

8. Trolley x 2 units = RM1200

9. Cuff Inflator Pressure Gauge x 2 unit = RM6k *actual RM2.6k*


Total RM143,600